Save Money and Avoid Breakdowns by calling Advance Air

Save Money and Avoid Breakdowns by calling Advance Air

Hire our in Pearsall, Moore, Pleasanton & Frio County, TX area contractors to service your air conditioner

Would you like to:

  • Reduce your monthly energy bills?
  • Avoid costly repairs going forward?
  • Enjoy a cooler and more comfortable life at home?

If so, call on Advance Air to perform routine maintenance on your in Pearsall, Moore, Pleasanton & Divine TX area home's cooling equipment. Call 210-386-0032 to learn more about our prices and services.

Here's what you'll receive

Advance Air's routine HVAC maintenance is a smart investment. Our Pearsall, Moore, Pleasanton & Divine TX area technicians will:

  • Verify the performance of all cooling equipment.
  • Clean the outdoor condenser coil.
  • Remove any debris from the unit.
  • Inspect and lubricate the condenser fan.
  • Check the compressor's amperage to ensure smooth operation.
  • Test the compressor contractor's condition and operation.
  • Inspect and tighten all electrical connections.
  • Inspect capacitors and relays.
  • Examine the unit for refrigerant leaks.
  • Inspect the indoor evaporator coil.
  • Flush the condensate drain to guard against overflow.
  • Inspect, lubricate and adjust the blower assembly.
  • Evaluate the condition of the air filters and related accessories.
  • Perform a safety test on all controls.
  • Calibrate and test the thermostat.
  • Evaluate the overall efficiency of the air conditioning system.
  • Inform you of your equipment's condition.
Contact us today with any questions.